Friday, March 7, 2014

When the rent pay your mortgage

In these times of crisis we must sharpen their wits to get ahead. Banks do not forgive .

All of us , or nearly all, have mortgages and the work or , better said the income , is scarce. Even if we are one of the lucky ones who earn the same as a while ago , the money does not reach us . Everything is much more expensive : from light, to taxes , to the food, which is basic and necessary !

And what do you do in this situation?

So, in this situation of uncertainty , many Spaniards have chosen to rent their home. And hence sites like Airbnb proliferate on the Internet .

And, this phenomenon occurs not only in Spain . Many citizens of countries considered until recently as "rich" countries which , either for survival or for extra money, have chosen to be the ones that move from their home. They move between booking and reservation. Their home is their friend´s  home, or their parent´s home  , just to be able  to pay your mortgage debts , or just to have money to eat .

What do you think of this story ? Are you one of those owners who rent their home to cope with the cost of the mortgage?

We will deepen this topic , because it has a lot of substance ... and much to discuss . I think !

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