Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cheap apartments in Salamanca

IMG_3384Salamanca, in September, is a city that is completely renewed. Each new course in Salamanca begins with new people from different parts of Spain and other countries. Some come to study at the University, others are part of the Erasmus program seeking to learn the Spanish language while continuing with his studies and come from European countries and other are teachers and workers, who change their destiny.

For some it is the first time they leave their home, and are surprised at how hard it is to find home in a different city: they have to visit dozens or hundreds of apartments that are not like what we advertise, small flats, dark and badly furnished ... and furthermore, the apartments are not cheap!

And, in these times of crisis, the price is an important factor!: We have little money, yes, but we want to live somewhere "decent" and nice! But it is not always easy!

When looking for a furnished apartment, we often find that many adverts say that the apartments are fully furnished apartments but they are not! To live in a comfortably way, we have to do a considerable expense to properly equip the apartment: at least buy all the kitchen utensils, and linens and towels, and sometimes the apartment lacks the most basic equipment such as appliances ....

And if we add to the price to the monthly rental rate the costs of the supplies (electricity, water, heating, internet connection, etc) that normally are never included in the price we find that our budget does not reach us!

And if you need to rent the apartment for a period less than one year, the mission is almost impossible!
In short, the experience of finding home in our new destination, in this case in Salamanca, it is usually a bit complicated.

But thankfully, as we already told you in another item in this blog,  in HomesForTravellers, we can offer rentals for long stay in Salamanca (always less than one year) at a reasonable price with significant benefits:
  • The apartments are fully renovated and fully furnished.
  • No need to apply for a bank guarantee, or you have to introduce your salary or employment contract.
  • All expenses and supplies are included in the price: water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, internet access, etc.. No need to hire the supplies you will use, with corresponding savings in time and money ...! The monthly rental price is fixed, no extra costs.
  • The amount of the Security Deposit is lower and, in many cases, simply ask the details of your credit card as a guarantee.
  • No need to make a selection. We we have already done for you. We can assure you that the apartments are fully equipped and in good areas, either in the center or very well served by public transport.
Estudio Azul-Salamanca-Santa Marta (51)Our apartments in Salamanca are mainly aimed at people who come to Salamanca for a season, whether to study in the University or to people who have moved to work in Salamanca and looking for a comfortable apartment at a good price. And what better price € 340 per month for a in the price? Or a for only 300 euros? And also you can  enjoy the independence of living on your own and you can invite your friends whenever you want.
In these times of crisis we must tune in spending and avoid surprises that can give us the supplies bills!

All information on the find homesfortravellers.com. Also you can hace a look at our blog about Salamanca

If you need more information, please contact us by email or by telephone (+34 914 442 719). We are happy to help.

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