Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spanish crisis change the Short Term Rentals in Madrid

The crisis in Spain has greatly increased the supply of apartments that are rented for short periods in Madrid. This fact, which a priori may seem advantageous for those looking to rent an apartment for days, weeks or months, it is not as much, when you consider the following:

1. - Many homeowners trying to sell their house, but because the sales market has stopped completely, have chosen to rent their homes for days, weeks and months.

2. - This has been helped by the emergence of numerous websites where owners can advertise their apartments without any filter or control. Anyone can advertise its apartment in a few minutes but nobody will check the accuracy of the information, nor the quality of the apartment or about if the landlord will give good attention to its guests.

Each gets its own rules, each one "does" as they can, or as they better know.

And while it is true that in many cases we can find quality apartments at a great price, and owners which provide excellent care to their guests, other times not.

So,  we,  in and in, we continue with the quality of our apartments. We keep carefully selecting the apartments, not only in terms of equipment, furniture and location, but also we only chose those apartments whose owners or managers we know that they strive to provide the best customer service during your stay.

As we are in Madrid, we keep personally visiting the apartments we announced, and we have a close relationship with all of our apartment owners.

In this way we differ from other websites. In that we know exactly what we announce, it has been personally selected by our staff. And we know all about Madrid.

So, for those reasons, we can advise you, for example, on the best located apartment's right for you, fitting your needs always. Because we know about what we announced ... and because we know about the area where they are located!

And so, on the website of each apartment, you can also see "real" photos about where the apartment is located. In fact, we took also personally those pictures of the Madrid streets. But more on that in another post ...


Anonymous said...


Short-term rentals and long-term problems?

Anonymous said...

Short-term rentals and long-term problems?

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