Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Live Holy Week in Spain

The Holy Week or Easter in Spain is perhaps more rooted tradition and which may surprise those who have the opportunity to enjoy it.
Many are surprised at the different Holy Week which can be found depending on the area or region where it is celebrated in Spain. For though in all Spanish regions, the Holy Week is a religious event, the way how are "lived" and "sense" change enormously from one region to another.

So, in central and northern Spain, we find a sober Holy Week, it seems like people are  seeking penance and repentance. The processions are quieter, the music is more solemn, and feelings are more hidden.

By contrast, in southern Spain, in Andalusia, Holy Week is characterized by an explosion of feelings, much more spontaneous, which people often end up singing "saetas" ... and others in tears.
To the uninitiated, and for many of us, just see how the people feel, or suffer is at least surprising. It has not only to do with religion, but much more with a old tradition that is still alive, and worth seeing and enjoying.

And it is also curious that in major cities such as Madrid continue to maintain this tradition as old.

Yes, in Madrid are still celebrating the traditional processions in downtown churches. In Madrid this tradition as old lives with all kinds of cultural events and exhibitions. 

And if you are really interested in knowing in depth the Holy Week in other places of Spain we recommend you visit the Easter of Salamanca, where you will appreciate the solemnity of the steps nestled in a beautiful historic city, UNESCO heritage. Zamora and Valladolid are also highly recommended.

For those who have more time, I suggest visiting the Holy Week in Seville or Malaga, both also very popular and interesting.

And of course, for those who want to know the Spanish culture, or feel how live the locals live, we recommend, as always, stay in our short term apartments in Madrid, which are situated just meters from where the main religious and cultural activities are held.

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