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How to find Cheap Long Term Rentals in Madrid

Often it is difficult to rent an apartment or flat in Madrid. Especially if we are looking to rent for less than one year.

The owners prefer to rent your apartment for longer periods, it is normal they accept only  contracts for one year minimum and in this period of crisis most landlords ask for guarantees to ensure tenants to ensure they will pay the rent asking them a bank guarantee to ensure that the tenant has financial stability and also the tenant should provide a payroll or employment contract. 

These requirements are sometimes difficult to obtain and often quite expensive, as is the case of bank guarantee, especially for people who come to Madrid for a season or for people who come from other countries.

Another difficulty finding a rental apartment in Madrid by the "traditional method" is that the vast majority of apartments are rented as furnished, but they are not it really completely. The furniture and equipment is at best, very basic, and very often it is old and "horrific." This means in practice that the tenant must spend large amounts of money to furnish the house and to equip them with the minimum furniture and equipment to live comfortably. Almost 100% of the apartments are rented on a monthly basis in Madrid, even when they are advertised as furnished, they do not have the kitchenware and small appliances. Nor have bedding and towels. The person who rents an apartment through a traditional agency or directly to the owner, has to take into account these factors when you rent an apartment in Madrid long term.

But it does not end here. Over the rental price must add the cost of all supplies: water, electricity, heating, telephone and Internet, which you will have to contract directly with supplier companies. The average cost of these supplies is about € 200 more to add to the amount of income.

And last, but not least, the tenant must be give to the owner/agency 2 months deposit, repayable at the end of the stay if the apartment is in perfect condition. And if you rent the apartment through a traditional rental agency shall pay the amount equivalent to one month's rent.

Therefore, if we make calculations, the prospect is not pleasant, and profitable:

1 - Do I have payroll? Will the bank give me a guarantee?
2 - How much do I have to spend on basic equipment of the apartment to suit my needs? How long do I have to invest in buying all the utensils, bedding, etc?
3 - Do I have to hire all the supplies with supply companies? Where do I find the phones of those companies? What Internet business contract?


Luckily, if you rent your apartment in Madrid on a monthly basis through, you will get a fully equipped apartment at a reasonable price, without the need to stay for 1 year and with all the advantages of short-term rentals!.

We offer discounts up to 45% on daily rates and the apartments  are fully furnished and equipped, with a fixed price which includes all the bills in the rental price, also the Internet connection and community bills, clothing and towels, etc.

So, what are the advantages of renting an apartment for months through

1 - No need to request a bank guarantee, or neither you must file your payroll or employment contract.
2 - The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need to live. You only need bring their personal belongings.
3 - All expenses and supplies are included in the price: water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, wireless internet, etc.. No need to hire the sevicios be used, with corresponding savings in time ... and money! The monthly rental price is fixed, no extra costs.
4 - The amount of the bond is lower and, in many cases, simply ask the details of your credit card as collateral.

And besides, if you need to hire extra cleaning, you can count on our cleaning team will provide cleaning the apartment and change of sheets and towels.

Most of our customers who rent our apartments are people coming from other countries to work for a season in Madrid. Also expatriates moving to Madrid and need an accommodation option fast while looking for something more permanent and college students, graduate or languages ​​whose course does not last a full academic year.

Our apartments are located in different parts of Madrid, but especially in the center, which is the most requested because of the easy access to all areas of Madrid. You can see here some of them:

View details of Madrid Monthly Rental - Divino Apartment

Madrid Monthly Rental - Divino Apartment

Cozy apartment in the most fashionable area at central Madrid.
Map Madrid Centre: Malasana

Maximum Capacity:4
Bathrooms:1 full bathroom
Rates starting at:€43 per night
more info  

View details of Monthly Rental- Madrid Gran Via Chueca 2 Apartment

Monthly Rental- Madrid Gran Via Chueca 2 Apartment

Charming, at Gran Vía-Chueca, perfect Madrid location
Map: Area Gran Via

Maximum Capacity:4
Bathrooms:1 full bathroom
Rates starting at:€47 per night
more info  

For a full list of our apartments in Madrid for long term stays, visit our Madrid Monthly Rentals Section in our website, where you can also book it online.

If you're not sure which apartment is best for you, please just fill in our request form and allow us to suggest the best option. We are happy to help you in finding the perfect apartment for your short, medium or long term stay in Madrid.


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