Monday, January 9, 2012

Madrid Events: Culinary Trade Fair: Madrid Fusion 2012


If you are one of the many people who come to Madrid to enjoy its cuisine, you're in luck, because 24 to January 26, 2012 is celebrated .

gastrofestivalThis annual date with the world's best food gurus celebrates talent and creativity in the kitchen. Top Spanish chefs will be joined by culinary gurus from all over the world.

This year's Madrid Fusion includes several presentations and

live sessions where we will be able to watch some of the most prestigious chefs on the planet in action. The themes range from the new generation of talented young chefs to trends and techniques and low-cost management. There will be a special focus on products from this country (the land, our pantry) and the future of Spanish cuisine (the gates to the future).


Madrid Fusion is the starting point for taste of what Madrid has to offer regarding food culture.
But there's more.

In addition to these presentations, the general public will also be able to enjoy stands offering top-quality products offered by exhibitors, a gourmet product fair, taste demonstrations and cooking contests.

From January 23 to February 5: A journey for the senses



Tasting and exhibition of the most prestigious brands of international wineries.

An essential experience for amateur and expert sommeliers.


Permanent exhibition area wines. Here, visitors can taste wines free form which may be of interest to you. In this edition, participants will create the document "THE BEST WINES OF SPAIN" and will launch a mobile application with the possibility of selling wineto the end customer.
Wine Centre. Only area where carried out activities and events around wine and culture,from a creative standpoint and according to the needs of each winery.


Table space or mini-stands to wineries request can showcase their products and network with conference attendees.


A unique chance to taste the best cooking at the best prices.

For 15 days, turns Madrid into a great Fiesta for the senses. The Festival program is packed with opportunities for getting involved in the world of gastronomy.  There's plenty to choose from, with special offers on restaurants, culinary routes, cooking and tasting courses, all aimed at making the culture of good food accessible to everyone's taste buds.

But Gastrofestival also steps outside the kitchen to venture into museums, art galleries and fashion brands to prove that gastronomy is as much an art as painting, design and literature. The program includes guided tours in museums and original initiatives in shops and stores, as well as a food-themed film season at the National Film Library

For two weeks, more than will participate in a program of activities related to the most dynamic gastronomic event of the year: Sensory Experiences, Gastrocultura, Madrid Gourmet, Gastrofashion, and Enocultura Gastrosalud

Our are located in the heart of the capital, a few minutes walk to the main interesting points and with very good transport links to all the venues, so do not miss anything that interests you.

And do not forget that if you are coming to Madrid in January or February, you will take advantage of discounts of up to

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