Friday, November 22, 2013

How to succeed in the election of an apartment in Madrid

In Madrid, as in major European cities, has greatly increased the supply of temporary rental apartments.

This upward trend is mainly due to three factors. On the one hand, tourists and visitors have increased the demand of this type of accommodation because for less money you can get more space, privacy and amenities. The profile of tourists has changed, and they have become in travelers. They do not want to be mere spectators, but they want to live and experience life in the city they visit. And for experience the local way of living, there is nothing better than staying in an apartment.

The second factor is determined by the need for owners to achieve a return on their property. In Spain, due to the crisis , and due to the current Rent Act , many homeowners decide to rent your apartment for short periods because it offers more security and less uncertainty.

And the third factor , we could consider the main one , is because there have been countless websites where owners can advertise their apartments and where those interested can reserve online .

With the increased supply of apartments has increased competition and the result is that the prices are much lower than a few years ago. This fact is of course beneficial to the customer. But on the other hand, the offer available on the Internet is so huge that complicates the search: How to be sure of succeeding in our choice?

Here you have a few tips to to succeed in the election of an apartment in Madrid:

1. - Decide what type of apartment you really need. For example, for two people, a studio apartment can be more than enough instead of booking a one bedroom apartment, and you will save money.

2 - Decide what equipment must have the apartment: Internet access, lift, air conditioning, etc.

3. - The area is critical. An apartment in downtown, or near your workplace, conditionates deeply the way how you experience the city. Avoid wasting your time using public transport if you prefer to visit the city center.

4. - Your budget. Think that often is better increase slightly your budget and choose a comfortable and well located apartment because you will save money on transportation and on meals away from home because you have everything at hand.

5. - Look for a "local" website. The local websites have selected the apartments which they advertised and have knowledge of the area and can advise you on apartments that would suit your needs.

After these few tips, we can only advise you to contact us if you are looking for an apartment in Madrid. In, all apartments we announce have been carefully selected by us. We choose the apartments and know their owners and managers. And we can ensure that the apartments are well equipped, that cleanliness is impeccable, and they are exactly as shown in the photos on our website.

Moreover, as we are in Madrid, and we know well the areas where the apartments are located, we can advise you about on the area that suits you best to be near the places you want to visit.

And most importantly, you will receive personalized attention. We will answer all your questions and resolve your doubts to help you find the apartment you want.

We hope to see you in Madrid!
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