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Living Madrid: The life in Malasana

One of the areas most requested by our customers in Madrid is  Malasaña . And rightly so!

Malasaña is for many the neighborhood where took place the famous Movida Madrileña in the 80´s in the last century , for others meaning the nightlife of Madrid. But Malasaña is much more than that.

Officially is in the zone called "Univeristy" , in the district "Centre" of Madrid, and it is also known by Barrio de Maravillas , although Malasaña is the most known name of this peculiar area of Madrid centre  .

We say unique and peculiar because it is an area where living together tradition and modernity. And that in the most cosmopolitan and modern area of a big city like Madrid most traditional coexist both locals who keep their traditions with those who bring the latest trends in the capital is at least , quirky .

" Irreducible village in the center of Madrid" is the title of an excellent article in " The Traveler " El Pais newspaper that I recommend reading , in which the author describes the feeling of living in Malasaña . As I could not do better , I copy here some paragraphs that express exactly what I mean and I fully endorse :

(Please, English readers must notice that this is a translation into English of the original article written in Spanish!)

Malasaña is the country to which you slide after falling down the hollow tree . A village irreducible with a strange relation to space and time: with the possibility that one location has housed various businesses confused in memory ..
The magic of this neighborhood condition , (...) is confirmed in the lability of its limits and its barbaric and commercial designations : Malasaña , Wonders , Triball , Little London ... No one knows where this place starts or ends : San Bernardo , Amaniel perhaps , Carranza , the Glorieta de Bilbao , Fuencarral Gran Via or that place we call the Moon ( ... ) the neighborhood expands and retracts . It is the body of a snail without a shell .
The miscellaneous and ambiguous nature of Malasaña is reflected in the residents of a neighborhood where there is a symbiosis between redneck and some identified cosmopolitan Madrid liberal professionals living in flats converted into lofts, gentrifican the area, buy comics in The Comic Co. , dress in Biscuit or Slate , eat cup cakes or spend the afternoon in Lolina Vintage, while old Madrid , dancing the schottische above a brick unlikely embuchan shopping carts . Everything happens at the same time and in the same streets : Divine Pastor, Palma , Holy Ghost ...
The venous system of the streets is driven from the Plaza del Dos de Mayo: children playing, musicians and street vendors , beggars , dog walkers , night owls breakfast outdoors ... The Saturday flea market : Agatha Christie spent editions , jewelery , vinyl with hits of the seventies. Around the bars with terraces : the Sando 's, the pizzeria Wonders , 2- D and , at the confluence of the square with street Ruiz , Cabreira , where the best waitress in the world, Auri , serves sardines marinated with gazpacho or a delicious marinated anchovies . In winter , tripe .
The cuisine of Malasaña complete with affordable menus like in El Pico, El Chamizo - chicken and rabbit with garlic - and delicacies such as El Cocinillas , In Situ and Montepríncipe , which are held the cheek . Excellent is the restaurant Bolívar , especially in season mushrooms. And if not , stand shrimp croquettes . For vegetarians, Treasure Island . And for lovers of pizza , Mastropiero , with its Neapolitan with ham . ( ... )
The Maravillas theater, the Bishop Theathre , the Lara teathre, alternative venues as Teatro Velarde where You will satisfy the thirst for drama , while the literary Mythomania can be satisfied with the search plaques like Chacel Rosa , who lived in this neighborhood and acclimated Barrio de Maravillas novels or Memoirs of Leticia Valle. If you look good, we will be able to identify famous faces from people who take the sun behind dark glasses : Adriana Ugarte , Elena Anaya , that girl who was the most beautiful in the world in a video of Prince ...

Therefore, it is not surprising that Malasaña is one of the most demanding areas of Central Madrid . Excellent location in the center of Madrid lets go walk and the opportunity to discover the Authentic Madrid and the latest trends in the capital.

All in one step , all by hand , all in the same place at the same time ...

So, if you are interested in this experience of Madrid , you can stay in one of our apartments located in the heart of Malasaña .

And you know if you have any questions , we are happy to help. Call us at +34 914442719 or send us an email and we'll respond right away!


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