Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Best Madrid Apartments for Rent?

Today it is easy to find apartments in Madrid , either to rent them for days, weeks or months , for short or long stay . The hard part is choosing the best option!

The great offer of apartment rentals in Madrid through numerous channels and websites makes quite complicated our search. How can we be sure that we are right ?

1. - Think carefully about the type of apartment you are looking for . If you are a couple , probably you will be very comfortable in just a studio apartment if you do not intend to stay at home a lot of time . Although maybe you want to have environments separated . In that case you will have to look for a one bedroom apartment .

2 . - The location . Just as important , or more , as the type of apartment is the area where you are. The area will define your experience in Madrid. Choosing a good area either by central or by quiet , or have good public transport links is essential. Think about if you want to walk in the center of Madrid and have about restaurants , tapas bars , museums , etc In that case you should start looking in the desired area .

3 . - In this post, this paragraph is the third one, but often is the first factor : we are talking about the budget . Do I am looking for a luxury apartment with all amenities and views without taking into account the price, or I am going to seek a comfortable , central and affordable one? At the moment you can find luxury apartments to a reasonable price ! . Ask us if you have any questions about it .

4 . - Okay, at this point we already know what we want : the type of apartment, the area and the approximate price . Now we just need to find the website that offers guarantees and to be sure that the apartments are advertised as they appear in the photos .
Also, we might want to be sure that we will get answer to all our questions and doubts , and if during our stay in Madrid we have a problem , or we need help or advice , there will be someone who can help us .

And yes, we can ensure that our apartments are, if not the best ones , ones of the bests . Why?

- Because our apartments are located in the best areas of Madrid!
- Because our apartments are fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay in Madrid.
- Because we offer excellent value for money, to help you find the best apartments at the best price
- Because our job is to help you find the type of apartment you are looking for in the desired area . And besides, we are happy to help !
- Because we personally select and review all the apartments we announced . To avoid surprises. So you know exactly what you are getting .
- Because if during your stay experience any problems we will help you solve it.
- Because we rent apartments in Madrid since 2004 and we have many repeat customers.
- Because we are a small team to give you personal attention.

So if you plan to come to Madrid and you are in doubt about the area where to stay, or you find it difficult to choose between all the options you find on the Internet , do not hesitate to contact us .
Our goal is to help you find the apartment that suits your needs and your budget. We do not know if you will be able to offer you the best apartment in Madrid. But we are sure that will be best suited for you .
See you in Madrid!

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