Friday, September 7, 2012

Advantages of Renting an Apartment in Madrid by Months through HomesForTravellers

madrid-calles-exterior-gran-via-chueca-apartments_28 [640x480]September is a month of changes. Often it is a month in which we set new goals, start new activities or hobbies, or when we change of job or of country, to pursue new goals and experiences.

And the experience of finding home in our new destination, or in which we reside usually not easy. For some it is the first time, and to others we forget what we suffered the last time we had to find a new flat: visit dozens or hundreds to apartments that were not similar to what it was advertised, requirements demanded by the owner or rental agency impossible to fulfill  (bank guarantee, payroll, etc. ).

Furthermore, many of the apartment adverts which advertise as fully furnished apartments are not. To be able to live in a comfortable way we would have to do a considerable expense to properly equip the apartment: at least we would need to buy all the kitchen utensils, and linens and towels  if the apartment lacks the most basic.

And then we need to add the cost of the electricity, telephone, heating, Internet Connection which never are included in the monthly rate. And if we also need to rent the apartment for a period less than one year, the mission is almost impossible!

But thankfully, as we already explained to you in , in  HomesForTravellers we can offer rentals for long stay (always less than one year) at a more than reasonable price with significant benefits:

IMG_69281 - The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need to live. You just have to bring your personal stuff.

2 - No need to apply for a bank guarantee, neither you have to tell about your salary or employment contract to the owner or rental property agent.

3 - All expenses and supplies are included in the price: water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, internet access, etc.. No need to hire the supplies used, meaning savings of time and money ...! The monthly rental price is fixed, no extra costs.

4 - The amount of the security is lower and, in many cases, simply ask the details of your credit card as a guarantee.

5. - No need to make a selection. We we have already done for you. We can assure you that the apartments are fully equipped and in good areas, either in the center or very well served by public transport.

In Madrid, our apartments are located in the . Their equipment is adequate and complete your requirements: you need only bring your personal stuff. They have all the necessary furniture and appliances, as well as air conditioning and internet.

2 bedroom apartment-salamanca (11)
In these times of crisis we must tune in spending and avoid surprises that can give us the supplies bills! Renting an apartment through us the monthly rental fee is fix, there are not extra costs...because all the bills are included in the price!

You can find all the , Spain in our website

If you need more information, please contact us by email or by telephone (+34 914 442 719). We are happy to help.

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