Friday, March 22, 2013

Tips to find the perfect apartment in Madrid (4)

Perfect apartment in Madrid centre

We keep talking about the tricks to find the perfect apartment in Madrid, making it clear that the perfect is the one that fits our needs and requirements ... and our pocket!

In our previous articles we explained how it was necessary to have clear criteria for location, price and type of apartment and how the choice of a website based in Madrid we would ensure that they advertised apartments which comply with quality criteria and that we ensured that the customer know the apartments and the area where they are. Only then they will be able to help us in our choice.

Today we'll talk about the differences between websites professionally managed and those that only offer a list of apartments, where anyone can advertise your property.

As mentioned, a local website that professionally manages apartments, offers added value in terms of personal attention and can help us find the apartment that suits fully to our needs and requirements.
 customer service homesfortravellers
We thus we can, and must, request more information about the apartments and solve our doubts before booking our apartment in Madrid.

So we must avoid pages that offer only a list of apartments in which each owner state his own rules. Because in that case we can never be clear what our guarantees or what are the obligations of the owners, as each works freely, setting their own rules or, simply, without any rules.

Once selected the websites that meet our criteria, we only have to clearly state our needs. We may contact with Customer Service by email or by phone. We should not be afraid to ask any questions: they will be happy to help.
customer service homesfortravellers 
As they are websites devoted to advertise apartments professionally, they know the apartments they advertise  and areas where they are located, and so, the Customer Service staff can advise us about the apartment that best suits our needs, taking into account our budget and preferences regarding the type of apartment and area where they are located.

We at HomesForTravellers, we deal personally to resolve the doubts of our clients before they book the apartment online.
We are a small team, with extensive experience and knowledge of Madrid, whose main objective is to help each customer get what they really are looking for. The personal attention and direct contact with our customers, without intermediaries, is what makes us different. We reach our satisfaction only when we get happy customers.
ask for more information homesfortravellers 

Maybe you still have doubts about the type of apartment, its equipment or its characteristics. Sometimes surprise us price differences between apartments with similar characteristics ... All these issues will be addressed in our next article. Do not miss it. Only then you will ensure that your stay in Madrid unforgettable.
And if you can not wait, contact us by email or visit our website to access the live chat!

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