Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flamenco in Madrid Summer Festival 2011

For Flamenco lovers!

Discover Madrid, Live Madrid as a Local!

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From June 23 to August 28 will be held this new edition, the programming in the two main scenarios, Puerta del Angel and Sabatini Gardens, is now available, as well asticket sales. Within the schedule in the Gardens of Sabatini, again emphasizes the programming of flamenco, and consolidated municipal commitment year after year,which this time features performances from artists like Carmen Linares, RafaelaCarrasco, El Cabrero, Argentina, Chano Dominguez, Esperanza Fernández Dorantes, Mayte Martín, Rocío Molina, Macanita, Cañizares, and the presentation in Madrid of Diana Navarro in his role as a flamenco singer. In addition, the July 25 concert will take place "Con Piel de Manzana", in which different artists of both flamenco and Spanish pop to remember the famous flamenco singer "Manzanita".

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