Monday, April 7, 2014

Customer Support at Websites of Vacation Rentals Madrid

Today it is easy to find an apartment to rent for days, weeks or months on the Internet . The offer is very wide.

Choosing the type of apartment is not difficult : most ads have many photos. A map with the exact location is also shown. And the price also tends to be well defined .

Now, for example, how can we be sure that the area where the apartment is located we have chosen is appropriate when we don´t know the city? How can we know the distance , or the time it take to get to our place of work or study ?

And this is where the problem comes . Many websites offer many apartments where each owner describes your accommodation and the area where it is located. Yes , but there is nobody to resolve our doubts about which apartment would suit us best depending on our kind of stay ( tourism, work , studies, etc. ) .

In these websites , which feed exclusively of apartments from private owners , there is no customer service . Nobody can inform us of additional features , because the customer service don´t know the apartments, neither knows the area where the apartments are located, neither the city.

Fortunately , there are still websites that offer personalized attention. Websites which have a specialized Customer Service who knows the apartments they advertise and the area where they are located. And therefore Customer staff who can solve our doubts, and help us find the apartment that suits our needs.

And that's the main advantage of . We personally know the apartments we advertise, and we know the area where they are located. We also know the city, and transportation and other practical aspects that, after all , are the ones who will shape our trip.

Why we only advertise apartments in Madrid and Salamanca?. Because they are the cities that we know best . And then we can help you find what you need.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the apartment, the area or transportation in Madrid or Salamanca. We can help you , and we are happy to do so.

You can contact us by email or phone (+34 914442719)
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